2014 Football Priority Parking Information


The option to purchase season-long, reserved parking passes will be offered exclusively to 2014 TSF donors who also purchase football season tickets. The maximum number of reserved parking passes that may be ordered is noted below and is based on TSF donor giving levels (not the number of season tickets purchased):


Legacy Scholar 5
Tiger Scholar 4
Director 3
Gold 3
Silver 2
Champion 2
Varsity 1
Black & Gold 1
Booster 1


Season-long priority parking passes are exclusively offered for $135 each for the season.  Lot locations and proximity to the stadium will be based, first, on each respective donor’s TSF priority points total and then by their annual giving level.



view larger image of parking map



Season parking passes are exclusively offered to 2014 TSF donors who purchase football season tickets.




If your selected lot is sold out or you do not qualify based on lot donation requirements AND Priority Point minimums, you will be assigned in the next best available lot.


Requesting multiple passes in the same lot may affect your proximity to the stadium and will require double to TSF Priority Points (please see the chart above for total estimates).