Football Priority Seating Information


Memorial Stadium Priority Seating Options


The minimum per seat annual TSF gift requirements necessary for priority seating at Faurot Field are noted below. The per seat levels are in addition to the 2015 season ticket cost. Season ticket applications are mailed to all TSF donors who meet the necessary deadlines in April - May.


Priority Seating Information


Seats that are available after renewal orders are processed will be allocated based on each donor’s respective annual giving level and his/her Priority Points total. Click here to learn about the Priority Points program. 


2015 Seating Map


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New Season Ticket Requests

The per seat gift levels listed are the minimum necessary to qualify for ordering priority in each section (for renewal orders and new orders). However, meeting the minimum contribution level does not absolutely guarantee that NEW donors will receive seating in those sections due to limited availability, although it is certainly the goal of the TSF and the Mizzou Ticket Office to accomplish this for all donors who participate.


Upgrades and Additional Ticket Requests


Requests for additional tickets and/or seating upgrades should be made on your season ticket renewal form. Those may also be made my contacting the Mizzou Ticket Office.


Touchdown Terrace


Tickets are available in Touchdown Terrace, located at field level in the south endzone. Tickets include padded chairbacks, private restrooms, complimentary food & beverages, game programs and more!


Football Premium Seating Information


Click here to find out more information regarding seating in LeMone Tiger Lounge and availability of football suites at Memorial Stadium